Bars in Buenos Aires

Find the most interesting bars in Buenos Aires

Ah yes, bars. No matter what country you are in, it is something that you just gotta do. In this page you will find some of the most interesting bars in the city so that you can have a drink (or many) hang out with friends, be alone and/or party all in the same spot: All sorted by neighbourhoods! Or you can just scroll down and go to my personal favourites along with the complete list.

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Best Buenos Aires Bars

Since this website is going to take a loooooot of time to complete every bar of every neighborhood (I have even cheated because I haven’t listed every single neighborhood) I will show you my personal favourites bars from the city. So here they are:

Rabieta Bar

Located in Palermo, Avenida del Libertador 3949, Rabieta Bar has made it all the way to my top 5.

It is inside el Hipódromo de Palermo and you have both an inside and an outside to spend your night.

Inside you will find yourself in a rather big building, with high ceilings, large tables and with lots of exits so that you can go to:
Outside and contemplate the Hipodromos’ horse race track and chill with friends or alone

Don’t wait for the waiters and waitresses because there are none. You have to go to the counter and order yourself.

You will find more info on Rabieta in the best bars in Palermo clicking here.

El Club Bar

Located in Palermo, Honduras 5028, El Club Bar is my go-to place whenever I feel like dancing and drinking and not wanting to spend a lot of money

Cozy and Small with two floors. Wait what? Small with two floors? Yup. In the first floor if you go early you can watch a band playing live or just chill. When it gets late, you won’t see a band playing but rather a pack of people dancing to some Argentinian music. You can go upstairs but I have no idea what the architect was on and you will find a small terrace.

Try it. Drinks are inexpensive and to get in you just got to pay for one.

You will find more info on El Club Bar in the best bars in Palermo clicking here.

Helka Wine Bar

Located in Colegiales, Ramón Freire 1127, Helka Wine Bar is a different bar experience.

The place looks rather small but when you get inside you will soon find its got multiple rooms and is quite big. 

Why a different experience you ask? I will tell you why. First off, it is ideal for bringing a date for a couple of wines or for some gourmet food.

Don’t have a date? Feeling unlovable? Helka’s got your back. You can enjoy some of their Wine&Something events. Wine and Tarot, Wine and Art, Wine Festival, and Musical Bingos! 

You can go without a reservation but you definitely should

Distrito Arcos

Wait what? PALERMO again? Well, it is the best place to go out with friends because you have lots of bars all of them close to each other

But I want to make a special mention to Distrito Arcos.

It is located in Avenida del Libertador and Santa Fé and it is not a bar but rather bars, night clubs, cafés, ice cream shops and restaurants all next to each other LITERALLY. I won’t tell much more as it is something you need to find for yourself (until I write a whole article about it)

Shops open during the afternoon and some of them close like 5am. Check it out!