Bars in Palermo

In Palermo you will find more bars than you will find dogs living in the whole neighborhood. And if you aren’t careful enough you can find yourself having spent a whole month’s salary in here.

Remember, this is just the list of bars. If you want to see all you can do in Palermo, click here.

And please also remember that you won’t find speak easy/themed bars in this list. You will find those clicking here

Plaza Serrano

Not a bar precisely and not my favourite, but if you are getting started in Buenos Aires or you are clueless as to what to do in the night, Plaza Serrano is your safest bet. Plaza Serrano is a really really small plaza that’s got like 50 bars all in less than 150mts from it. Some are really really good and some are actually not worth even looking at. 

And when you hear someone say “let’s go to Plaza Serrano” they are not refererring to the park but to the 10/15 blocks near to it.

So let’s get started

El Club Bar

This one has earned a very special place in my heart. It’s got two floors and yet it is very small. Before 1 am and depending of the day of the week (of course) you can watch a live band play or you can just get a beer or a few drinks inside, outside or in the little terrace. The drinks you get are the ones that you would expect a friend would do in his own house. Nothing extraordinary. But this is what I really like: After 1 am this little bar turns into a cool and packed boliche (I won’t classify this as either positive or negative because some people like packed places and others don’t, so it’s up to you) and here is why I enjoy those drinks: cause they give it to you as soon as you order it. They are not fancy but hey, they surely are fast.

The music varies between cumbia, cuarteto, reggaeton (both new and old school) and not so often a bit of national rock. 

It is located in Palermo, Plaza Serrano, Honduras 5028

Here’s the Instagram if you want to check some pictures out:

Taberna Odín

Rock. Heavy Metal. Thrash Metal. International and National distorted guitar classics. If you want to have a few beers in a nordic fashion this is your place. It is not a themed bar but it definitely has medieval vibes.

This bar is divided into two buildings: One has two floors: a patio and a first floor. The patio has tables set both in the inside and on the street.

The other is right in the corner and has two floors and a small and cozy terrace

Have some crafted beers or a few drinks if you like: grab a pizza or some hamburguers with fries and whenever you are ready go enjoy the night in Plaza Serrano because you are only one block away (duh, this is the plaza serrano section).

It is Located in Palermo. Plaza Serrano, Honduras 5090 and Honduras and Thames.

Here’s the instagram and see if it suits you:

Macondo Bar

Everything you would expect to find in a bar and nothing else. Macondo bar will inmediately call your attention because its the only place in the park that is not showing off. No fancy lights, no impressive building: it just stands out from the rest. 

People enjoy it a lot but it’s not my favourite. It doesn’t even rank. But its just me. Go check it out and then tell me what is great about it so that I can make this article more helpful.

You will find it in Plaza Serrano, Palermo, Jose Luis Borges 1610.

Here’s an Instagram but I’m not quite sure if it is their official account. And if it is, it surely is outdated:

Soria Bar

Your future go-to bar. Open Thursdays-Sundays up to quite late in the morning. Enjoy the good looking and affordable drinks while chilling in its beautiful atmosphere. You can sit in couches, chairs, next to the drink shelves or next to the plants and pots sector. 

I have a blast everytime I go although sometimes bartenders can get busy real quick and you will have to wait a few minutes to get your drink or even your beer.

You will find in Soria Bar an Argentinian spot: cumbia, cachengue, people standing and talking to each other while waiting in line or just because.  

Located in Gorriti 5151 a few blocks away from Plaza Serrano but not that far. Ideal for pre-drinks if you want to party afterwards.

Here is their instagram:


Baradentro Bar

Uuuuffff. Hermano! If you are into gin you need to come to this bar. Your gin dreams will come true here. They have like, i don’t know, 500 different types of macerated drinks. Want gummy bears that have been soaking in a bottle of gyn for 1 year? You got it. Oranges? Apples? Like mixing gins? You got it as well. You can be asking yourself: Is it expensive? It isn’t! It’s got affordable/reasonable prices and the food is also very good, although portions tend to be smaller than what you would expect.

Definitely try it out. Of course you also have the classic stuff: Campari, Fernet, Beer, Drinks and all the non-alcoholic beverages.

This one is located in Julian Álvarez 1124, Palermo.

Here’s their instagram. Check it out:

Distrito Arcos

Just like Plaza Serrano, Distrito Arcos is not exactly a bar but rather a couple of bars and nightclubs next to one another. Another thing worth mentioning is that Distrito Arcos is used to refer both to this bars zone and the one located close to Estación Palermo which is kinda like a shopping mall.

The Distrito Arcos which we are talking about is actually located in Avenida del Libertador and Santa Fé.

The most notorious bar/night club in the last couple of years has been La Mala pub. All of the shops have tables inside and outside looking at Los Bosques de Palermo (side note: even though it looks lovely during the night I would advise against going for a walk at night)

Go check everything that Distrito Arcos has to offer. Everything is lovely, well lit, awesome environment and in this place things tend to get a bit pricey and high-end. People are expected to wear in a fashionable way or you might not get to enter some of the bars in here (I don’t mean that you need a wedding suit but try not to wear your ojotas and your Football/nfl clothes)

You can go for a drink, show off your dancing moves, get an ice cream, pizzas or even a coffee

Rabieta Bar

Inside el Hipódromo de Palermo you will find Rabieta Bar. Now this place is really something. Just a heads up: try setting up a reservation before going in there. I don’t want you guys telling the staff “but the dude from listed it and we just went for it before even reading the whole paragraph”. Sometimes you get to enter without reservations but it isn’t the case in most scenarios. And also worth mentioning: We are not talking about RABIA bar. Sound similar, but whole different place and whole different atmosphere. 

This place is HUGE and you can have your beers and drinks inside the building or outside contemplating the Horse Race track. And when I say its huge believe me: If you are outside and you need to go to the bathroom its like a two minutes walk.

Rabieta Bar is mostly a bar but you will see some people dancing or standing up and talking to strangers. Occasionally a DJ will play some music.

What I like about this place is all the mentioned above: Don’t expect awesome drinks or magical beer. Drinking is a bit pricey and food is small and kinda normal. But so far it has never disappointed me.

Rabieta is located in Avenida del Libertador 3949

Here is their Instagram page in case you want to check it out:

Casa Temple Bar

Or just Temple Bar. A hardcore classic. Nothing fancy here but that’s the idea. Hang out with friends or have yourself a drink while watching something in a big screen. Food is as tasty as it is fattening but you will be licking your fingers for sure.

You have two temple bars practically next to each other. The one on the corner has a small inside and absolutely nothing cool. But you have a lot of tables outside that can sit like 12 people.

And the other Temple bar is quite big with a nice patio with DJs and ocasional shows, and a counter for you to go get your drinks if you are feeling thirsty and there are no waiters and waitresses in sight.

What I really like about Temple Bar (by the way, you have many others scattered throughout the city) is that they tend to do seasonal stuff. Like beers third the price, games, their own cryptocurrency, etc. Check their social media and take a look at what they are doing.

Food is a bit more expensive than in other places but drinks have standard prices.

Casa Temple Bar is located in Costa Rica 4677 and Costa Rica and Gurruchaga

Here’s their Instagram Account: